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Dentures and Partials 

For those of you who are having to deal with missing teeth, you have the option of partial or complete dentures. These prosthetic dental appliances are more comfortable and lifelike than ever before with options like implant retention and hidden clasps. 

Dentures are used to replace all teeth on the upper or lower arch, and a partial denture is used to replace multiple missing teeth in one arch. Wearing dentures or partials may not be ideal for many people. Over time, dentures, and partials can become loose and move around while chewing or talking. So, to alleviate or prevent this discomfort or nuisance, dental implants can be used to secure partials or dentures. Dental crowns and bridges can also be attached to implants, providing patients with the chewing ability and feel of natural teeth that are difficult to replicate with a denture or partial.

Traditionally, dentures are secured by natural suction or adhesive. Partials attach to neighboring teeth with inconspicuous clasps. However, either prosthetic can be anchored to dental implants for maximum stability. 

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