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Dental Crowns and Onlays

Structurally damaged teeth are usually restored with dental crowns or dental onlays. Crowns and onlays are made from strong ceramic materials and are customized to fit your tooth without compromising its function and appearance. Crowns will cover the entire tooth where onlays will cover a portion of the tooth. With the materials and cements that are available today less and less full crowns need to be done and D. Scott Eaton DDS finds himself doing more and more "partial crowns" or onlays. Remove less tooth structure allows for a stronger final result.  Technique and a keen knowledge of materials allow D. Scott Eaton DDS to not only make the teeth stronger but also look better. Our crowns and onlays have NO METAL,  and they don’t have that ugly gray line at the gum. Nothing replicates natural enamel and dentin better than porcelain. We also have the ability to fabricate same-day crowns in order to reduce your number of appointments.

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